Friday, September 17, 2010

Sungai Citarum Indonesia - Most polluted river..

Citarum is a river in West Java, Indonesia.

It has an important role in the life of the people of West Java, as it is used to support agriculture,
water supply, industry, sewerage, etc. The river is heavily polluted by human activity;

About five million people live in the basin of the river

Today, the Citarum is a river in crisis, choked by the domestic waste of 9 million people
and thick with the cast-off from hundreds of factories

Below are pictures of Sungai Citarum (Citarum River), Indonesia

claimed to be the “Dirtiest River in the World”

In December 5, 2008, the Asian Development Bank approved a USD$500 million loan for cleaning up the river,

calling it the world's dirtiest

We should be thankful for what we have after seeing below!

Last photo is very interesting – a poor lady!

The World’s Most Polluted River

At the first glance, what do you see in the picture above?

I thought the man was on a rubbish dump, and I thought the boat was one of the rubbish.

Until I read further, only then I realize that it’s actually not a rubbish dump, but a very polluted river.

The picture above shows no sign of a river to me, to you too I suppose.

The man above is actually collecting things like plastic bottles to be recycled

and can probably earn a pound or two a week by doing so.

People now fish for rubbish at the river, instead of fish.

Here’re two more picture that suggest that’s really a river, the one with water:

Polluted River

If you’ve been wondering what river is that and its location,

the river is called Citarum located in Indonesia ..

The GOVT is responsible for causing this.

It’s nothing different from -- murder.

The water is still used now for daily activities – drinking for example.

Citarum River Indonesia Covered in Garbage Photo

The 200-mile long Citarum River in Indonesia hosts more than 500 factories along

its banks and is quite possibly the most polluted river in the world.

There is so much garbage coating the surface that in many places you can't see the water,

and it is more profitable to forage for garbage than making a living fishing the river,

though you do risk catching a nasty disease by spending any time in it.

Benda camnie pun depa buang kat sungai..akai ada kaa???

Dahla buang najis dalam sungai.

Siap boleh basuh baju lagi tuh dengan air sungai tuh...

Ewww... pemerintah Indonesia buat aper... tido ker?

Sebok dgn demo tarian pendet boley plak... baik kasi cuci ini sungai...

banyak gak pekdahnyer...

Image of Citarum Riverbank

Korang semua sanggup berak camnie?? Curlast uoolsss...

siap pakai shaders yg tak tahan tu...

When you've got to go, you've got to go........

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