Sunday, February 13, 2011

Would You Change Florida To Kazakhstan?

About a year ago Jonathan, an ordinary guy from Florida, was sent as a volunteer to a small remote village in Kazakhstan. He’s 22 years old and teaches English to the kids coming from low-income groups.

The guy lives alone, his girlfriend, two brothers and parents were left in sunny Florida.

Volunteer 7

Volunteer 8

A year was enough for Jonathan not only to learn the Kazakh language, but also to cope with difficulties of the poor village life.

Volunteer 9

“I once saw a boy kicking a cat on the street and took the animal home”. Fluffy still lives with Jonathan.

Volunteer 10

Volunteer 11

All the money from the volunteer organization “Peace Corps” are being spent on the rent, coal, Internet, food and some stationery.

Volunteer 12

Volunteer 13

Such volunteers don’t choose a place to go, they are sent where needed.

Volunteer 14

Volunteer 15

Volunteer 16

Volunteer 17

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